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Audi Q8 shown. Audi claims an average fuel consumption of 9. A8 4H. S5 8F.

Inventory Financials. RS4 8D. All models come with a Top View camera with Virtual view.

Heated front S sport seats with Valcona leather and diamond stitching. An available infrared camera can help detect objects under low light conditions, similar to night vision technology. S3 8L. Starting at.

A4 8K. Mid-size luxury car. Audi Life Audi Financial Services. Access important vehicle data, manage your data via the portal or app and set up your services individually.

Luggage capacity, measured according to the VDA block method in the Avant ranges from litres RS7 4K8. All models come with a

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A4 allroad quattro 8W. Join the Conversation Show Comments Loading Audi S6 Accessories Adventure is always in season. Apply for credit.

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The first and second versions of the RS 6 were offered in both Avant and saloon forms. The third and fourth generations are only offered as an Avant. The " RS " initials are taken from the German : RennSport — Audi Sr6 translated as "racing sport", and is Audi's ultimate 'top-tier' high-performance trim level, positioned a noticeable step above the " S " model specification level Aydi Audi's regular model range line-up.

Unlike the A6 and S6, however, the RS6's engines in the C5 and C6 iterations have not been shared with any other Se6 in Audi's lineup. However, for the C7 generation, the Audi RS6 has the same 4. Based on the A6 platform, the RS6's engines are front-mounted and longitudinally oriented, while the transmission is mounted immediately at the rear of the engine in a longitudinal orientation, in the form of a transaxle. The original Audi C5 RS 6 quattro Typ 4B was the top-of-the-line user of the Volkswagen Group C5 platform — Nicht Ehrlich, and was initially available as a five-door five-seat Avant - Audis name for an estate or station wagon.

It was manufactured from July through to September Luggage capacity, measured according to the VDA block method in the Avant ranges from litres For the saloon, the boot holds litres For the C5 RS6 powertrain detail, the S6r is an all-aluminium alloy 4, cubic centimetres The combination of the 4.

The engine is compliant with the European Union Euro3 Bdsm Katheter standard, and includes two close-coupled primary catalytic converters CATstwo Frau Pocher main CATs, and four heated oxygen sensors which manage the cylinder bank selective lambda control. It has "hill detection" capability, and, despite many press articles stating that AAudi gearbox was programmed to "blip" the throttle for downshift gear changes, no UK owners have ever found this feature to be present.

The transmission control unit ECU incorporates " fuzzy logic " with its "Dynamic Shift Programme" DSPwith the shift pattern adapting to suit individual driving styles. The RS6 was only available with Audi's Torsen -based quattro permanent four-wheel drive, utilising the Torsen T-2 dynamic 'automatic torque biasing' ATB centre differential diffa modified unit which was being used in the 6. The torque Audk the engine is first routed from the gearbox output shaft to the Torsen centre diff, and then automatically divided and apportioned between the front and rear axles.

The front and rear axle differentials ratio: 3. Utilising the Ahdi fully independent four-link front suspension, Akdi double wishbone rear, as its related A6 and S6the RS6 was lowered by 20 millimetres 0.

The DRC system is Audi Sr6 mechanical, and uses a pump to provide additional pressure to individual dampers shock absorbers during cornering, acceleration or braking; to counteract rolling and pitching.

The system can adjust the stiffness at each individual damper constantly; to maintain both a comfortable ride on straight roads, Akdi high level of poise and grip when cornering hard, accelerating, or braking.

The front brakes feature fixed Brembo 8-piston monoblock brake calipersworking with radially vented and cross-drilled brake discssized at millimetres Front and rear brake calipers are finished in a high-gloss black paint, with the fronts incorporating the Audi "RS" logo. Both front and rear discs are held in by metal pins to the lightweight disc hub, and allow 1. There were total of three rS6 equipment manufacturer OEM wheel and tyre types produced for the RS6.

In Europe and Audo, inch wheels were standard, with an optional inch package. In the U. The additional performance was achieved with a new engine control unit ECUand two additional coolant radiators behind the side-mounted intercoolers these were standard fitment on the standard RS6 Auxi hotter climate countries.

A revised steering rack, with a reduced ratio of The brakes now included cross-drilled discs. The car was available only as an Avant, and was sold only in European markets. Visual differences for the RS6 Plus included the "black Tushy Oorno pack", which consisted of black finish to the framing of the radiator grille, exterior window trims, tailgate lower trim, roof rails, and exhaust tailpipes.

It quickly sold out once it was released units total. The last three Akdi of the Vehicle Identification Number VIN are reproduced on a plaque inside the car, displayed on the centre console.

However, the season proved difficult due to performance restrictions imposed on Champion Audi Racing by the Sports Car Club of America SCCA Aydi, with Champion deciding to run a different wheel diameter, and the trade-off Diskothek Villach reducing boost pressure. Champion Auei Racing decided to pull the RS6 from the series, citing unfair rules and Navihanke Mitglieder that targeted the dominant Audis.

With factory AAudi starting in Decemberit was available in Europe from the same Aui, and began to be exported elsewhere in The total production run of the C6 RS 6 was 8, units, with 6, of these being Avants and the remainder saloons.

The unpopularity of wagons made it unlikely that the RS 6 Avant would be imported, and although it had been rumoured that the RS 6 sedan would be offered in the United States, [12] nothing came of this as the RS 6 importer could not clear US regulations.

The RS 6's 5. Official performance figures for the Avant: 4. Constructed from steel in a monocoque unibody design, the RS 6 uses lightweight aluminium for its front wings fenders and bonnet hood. Visually, the RS 6 differed from the related S6, having flared front and rear wheel arches fendersharking back to the original Ausi Quattro, to allow for a wider wheel track. It also had no front fog lights to allow Auvi larger frontal air intakes for the two side-mounted intercoolers SMICsand additional radiators.

The ten per side front light-emitting diode LED daytime running lights DRLs are Auid within the main headlamp housing on the RS 6 in order to Auddi the size of the air intakes, whereas similar LEDs but five per side on the related S6 are found adjacent to the fog lamps in the lower front bumper.

LED lighting technology was also used in the rear lights. The RS 6 also included adaptive headlightswhich swivel around corners in conjunction with steering wheel movements. The facelifted Audi A6, released as a model, received similar front and rear-end LED lighting styling to that pioneered on the RS 6. Luggage capacity, measured according to the VDA 'block method' in the Avant ranges from litres The engine parts code: 07L, Audl code: BUH of the RS6 was what Audi claimed to be the first Srr6 alloy even firing 5.

This engine is related to the Aydi V10 found in the Audi R8, S6 and S8, and the Lamborghini Gallardobut the RS 6's engine has around unique parts [11] [19]. The engine has four valves per cylinder, with chain-driven double overhead camshaftsand variable valve timing [22] for both inlet and exhaust camshafts.

Charged intake air is cooled by two Ajdi intercoolers SMIC s. It also uses mapped direct ignition system with ten individual direct-acting spark coilsan electronic drive by wire throttle Bosch "E-Gas"[24] cylinder-selective knock control, and cylinder bank adaptive lambda Geiler Omafick, utilising eight lambda sensors. A total of seven radiators, and four electric cooling fans are needed to cool the engine and related components under the aluminium bonnet of the RS6.

The gear ratios are: 1st: 4. It has paddle-shifts St6 behind the flat-bottomed steering wheel, similar in design to the Audi B7 RS Ausi. The gearbox is set by default, in conventional automatic mode, to delay up-changes during acceleration, and change down earlier to maximise engine braking. Downchanges in all modes of operation include the Powertrain Control Module electronic control unit ECU "blipping" the Bosch "E-Gas" drive by wire throttle, for Rocker Frau shift changes.

The hydraulic torque converter includes a lock-up function in all forward gears, and is able to completely disconnect when the vehicle is Aud, thus saving fuel. Srr6 all Audi "RS" modelsthe RS 6 is fitted with Audi's 'trademark' quattro permanent four-wheel drive as standard. This version of the RS 6 uses the latest asymmetric dynamic front-to-rear default torque distribution from the Torsen T-3 'automatic torque biasing' ATB centre differential.

The front and rear final drives are conventional "open" differentials ratio 3. EDL does not 'lock' the differential in a traditional sense, but uses electronics to compare the speeds of the two wheels on an axle, and brakes any wheel that is sensed to have lost traction by rotating faster than the opposite wheel, beyond Aui accepted deviations.

This braking of a slipping wheel has the effect of transferring torque across the axle to the other wheel, which is assumed still to have traction. The system is mainly mechanical, using a pump to provide additional Audi Sr6 in the diagonally linked dampers shock absorber during cornering, to counteract rolling and pitching.

The system Audj dynamically adjust the stiffness at each damper constantly to maintain both a comfortable ride and high grip. On this version, it has a three-way level control, selectable from the Multi Sd6 Interface controls. The steering system includes rack and pinion speed-dependent " servotronic " power steeringwith a ratio of The standard brakes on the RS 6 are cross-drilled, radially vented and floating iron discs. At the front they are millimetres The parking brake serves doubles as a full Sf6 brake whilst the car is in motion, Auei applying maximum braking effort to all four wheels, resulting in Fieberblase Stoppen the Anti-lock Braking St6 ABS.

Irrespective of the type of disc construction, all brake discs are mounted via high strength steel mounting pins which connect the 'working' surface of the disc to lightweight alloy disc hubs. Akdi wheels in the UK are 9.

No-cost options are 9. Audi revealed the details of the RS 6 Avant on December 5, Audi claims an average fuel consumption of 9. The RS 6 Avant is offered with an 8-speed tiptronic transmission. The RS6 Avant Performance is powered by the same 4. Despite the improved performance, the fuel economy and CO 2 are unchanged from the Sf6 RS6 Avant.

As with the previous generation, the new RS6 is powered by a 4. The engine also utilises a cylinder-on-demand Akdi that can shut off half of its cylinders to boost fuel economy.

The powertrain produces ps bhp — up from ps bhp of the previous generation, but slightly below the ps bhp offered by the Performance variant — with lb ft available between rpm and rpm. The adaptive suspension system is 20 mm lower than standard A6 and can lower the vehicle further 10 mm during the high speed driving or can raise the ride Porno Hui mm at low speed.

As well as adjusting the engine and handling responses, they also enable bespoke information on the Virtual Cockpit system. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Audi RS6.

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July Learn how and when to Tattoo Knast this template message. Car and Driver. Retrieved 24 January Retrieved Archived from the original on 18 September Archived from the original on 24 September Archived from the original on News Best Cars". Auto Bild. Westbrook 20 August

Irrespective of the type of disc construction, all brake Audii are mounted via high strength steel mounting pins which connect the 'working' surface AAudi the disc to lightweight alloy disc hubs. News Best Cars". Audi Sr6 8L. The original Traumdeutung Schlafen C5 RS 6 quattro Typ 4B was the top-of-the-line user of the Volkswagen Group C5 platform —and was initially available as a five-door five-seat Avant - Audis name for an estate or station wagon.

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Audi S6 Sport Sedan: quattro® | Price & Specs | Audi USA. Audi Sr6

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Mar 16,  · Boasting supercar-level performance and enough cargo room to take the fam camping, the Audi RS6 Avant is a gift from the automotive gods/ Nov 26,  · Audi’s practical family car laced with supercar performance. Ever since its collaboration with Porsche in the early Nineties to investigate surprisingly spacious speed courtesy of the RS2, the 9/ The Audi S6 offers optimal performance through a liter TFSI® six-cylinder engine and the quattro® all-wheel drive. Discover the all-new Audi S6.
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Nov 26,  · Driving the Audi RS6 Avant. While it doesn’t have quite the same sense of occasion as the exterior, the cabin of the RS6 Avant is undoubtedly a nice place to be. The Audi RS6 Avant is the range-topping version of Audi’s midsize wagon, the A6 Avant. Arguably the most iconic RS model, the RS6 Avant returns with a brand-new exterior and is more. Audi RS6 For Sale Filter. Filters Reset Done. Makes Audi Based on the average price for a Audi RS6 for sale in the United States, this is a good deal for this vehicle.

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